Architectural Acoustics and Building Noise & Vibration Control Engineering

Architectural Acoustics Engineers & Consultants and Building Noise & Vibration Control Engineers

Professional Architectural Acoustics Engineering and Consulting Services:

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations of Pittsburgh PA provides architectural acoustics engineering consulting and building noise and vibration control engineering services. A proper sound and acoustics environment is achieved through proper planning and design. The goal is to match the physical acoustics of the room with the functionality of the space. Pleasant acoustics, good speech intelligibility, or musical properties are achieved by an in-depth analysis with proper design to achieve the goals of the space. Problems related to distracting and unpleasant noise from internal and external sources are avoided by design using well written noise and vibration specifications for interior and exterior walls, windows, and HVAC.

These architectural acoustics services involve planning, analysis, design, and execution to achieve good acoustics along with noise and vibration control. The client’s objectives are converted into specific design goals. A detailed analysis is done to convert these objectives into specific requirements for the space involving the layout of the room, determination of room shape and volume, selection of surface materials, development of wall, floor, and ceiling construction, along with NC or RC requirements for the room. Acoustical modeling is done to simulate the acoustics. Specifications are developed for the construction documents.

When existing facilities have substandard or poor acoustics or noise and vibration problems, the engineers of Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations will analyze the situation and determine what corrective work is needed. Many existing constraints must be dealt with to arrive at an affordable solution. Acoustical studies and modeling are performed as needed to find remedies for the affected spaces.

Buildings require proper noise and vibration isolation among spaces using controls. Their highly focused noise and vibration control engineering services will be used to work with the client and their architect to design walls, floors, and ceilings using the correct STC and IIC construction to achieve proper noise isolation among rooms and spaces within the building. The noise and vibration control design of HVAC systems and other mechanical devices will ensure that the correct NR and/or RC objectives are achieved in each interior space to satisfy the noise and acoustical requirements of the owner or client. The cost effective and efficient designs are implemented to meet the owner’s budget objectives. Good engineering science is used by the graduate level mechanical engineers of Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations who are specifically trained in acoustics, vibrations, and noise control. Their highly focused services rely on tailored engineering solutions, no “cookie cutter or boilerplate” solutions, only good science.

Existing issues are resolved by identifying the sources and transmission paths to determine what retrofit work is needed to cost effectively achieve acceptable levels. Noise and vibration transmission loss testing is done by following FSTC and FIIC standards to establish existing reduction properties of walls and floors to determine precisely what improvements are needed to upgrade the construction to meet the client’s noise and vibration control objectives for the building. All work is done with state of the art equipment and advanced DSP equipment using a highly advanced B&K Pulse System with a 160 dB dynamic range Dyna-X front end. Noise measurements are made with current generation precision type I sound level meters equipped with octave and one-third octave bands.

Architectural Acoustics and Building Noise & Vibration Control Services Offered:

Architectural acoustics and building noise and vibration control engineering services include:

- Planning for architectural acoustics
- Engineering design for the physical acoustics of rooms
- Acoustical modeling of theaters, auditoriums, and churches
- Design of rooms for acoustical privacy
- Retrofit and corrective work for existing problems
- Engineering analysis of building noise & vibration sources and paths
- Noise and vibration control of building issues
- Building wall and floor design for noise mitigation
- STC & IIC design and FSTC & FIIC testing
- Building noise and vibration transmission testing and measurement
- Noise criteria selection and implementation of building spaces
- Control of reverberation times and flutter echoes
- Open office planning and design
- Movie theater complex acoustics and noise control
- Mitigation of building airborne and structureborne noise
- HVAC planning, design, and implementation for noise & vibration control
- Building site selection for noise
- MRI suite design for noise control
- Specification writing for acoustics, vibrations, and noise

Architectural Acoustics and Building Noise & Vibration Control Projects Completed:

Over 1000 projects have been successfully completed by Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations that includes architectural acoustics and building noise and vibrations related to:

- Theater & Auditoriums
- Performing Art Centers
- Concert Hall Acoustics
- Movie Theaters
- College & School Classrooms
- Gymnasium and Swimming Pools
- Lecture Hall Acoustics
- Hospital Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Control
- Hotel and Motels
- Multi-Family Noise & Vibration Control
- Retail Store Noise & Vibration Control
- Nightclub and Bars
- Band and Choral room acoustics
- Restaurants and Banquet Hall Acoustics
- Dining and Meeting Room Acoustics
- Ballroom Acoustics and HVAC Noise & Vibration Control
- Recording Studio and Broadcast Facility Acoustical Design
- Convention Hall & Center Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Control
- Church, Temple, & Synagogue Acoustics
- Boardroom Acoustics & Privacy
- Sports Facilities Acoustics
- Courtroom Acoustics and Chamber Acoustical Privacy
- Open Offices
- Tele Conferencing Facilities
- Ballet and Dance Studio Acoustics and Vibration Control
- Building Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Control
- Retirement Villages & Nursing Home Complexes
- College & School K12 Acoustics and Noise
- Residential & office building noise & vibration control
- Audio visual room acoustics
- Commercial Laboratories Acoustics and Noise Control
- Libraries
- Computer centers and rooms
- Plant control rooms
- Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power Plants
- Hospital acoustics and noise & vibration control
- HVAC equipment
- Building and roof construction for aircraft noise
- Spa and Exercise Facilities
- Country Club Acoustics
- MRI Facilities
- Fire Equipment Facilities
- Anechoic and Reverberation Room Design and Development
- Indoor Gun Range Acoustics and Noise

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations, Consulting Engineers in Acoustics Vibrations and Noise Control, works throughout North America as architectural acoustical engineers & consultants and building and HVAC noise and vibration control engineers providing architectural acoustics and building noise and vibration control services. The firm is especially prominent in Pennsylvania (PA), Ohio (OH), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), New York (NY), and West Virginia (WV).

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