Noise Vibration Control Engineers and Acoustical Consultants

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations of Pittsburgh PA provides a broad array of comprehensive design, analysis, measurement, testing, and control engineering services. Unfortunately, many different titles are used to describe a person that renders these services. To assist potential clients, this section will provide a detailed breakdown of these services and common titles associated with the services of this provider.

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations, Consulting Engineers in Acoustics Vibrations and Noise Control, works throughout North America as noise and vibration control engineers, acoustical consultants, and architectural acoustics consultants. The firm is especially prominent in Pennsylvania (PA), Ohio (OH), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), New York (NY), and West Virginia (WV).

Architectural Acoustics and Building Noise and Vibrations

- Theater & Auditorium Acoustics
- Performing Art Center Acoustics
- Concert Hall Acoustics
- Room Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Analysis & Control Design
- College & School Classrooms Acoustics
- Gymnasium and Swimming Pool Acoustics & Noise
- Lecture Hall Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Control
- Hospital Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Control
- Hotel and Motel Acoustics and Noise
- Restaurants Acoustics
- Ballroom Acoustics and HVAC Noise Control
- Recording Studio and Broadcast Facility Evaluation and Design
- Convention Hall Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Control
- Church, Temple, & Synagogue Acoustics
- Boardroom Acoustics
- Sports Facilities Acoustics and Noise Control
- Courtroom Acoustics Design
- Building Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Control
- New Facility Design for Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Control
- Mitigation of Airborne and Structureborne Noise Transmission in Hotels & Motels
- Multi-Family Dwellings Noise Transmission Control
- Building Complex Acoustics and Noise & Vibrations
- Acoustical Design of Theaters, Performing Arts, & Auditoriums
- Room Acoustics & Noise Control Design
- College & School Acoustics & Noise Control
- New Facility Design for Acoustics, Vibrations, & Noise

The most common titles are acoustical engineer, sound engineer, sound consultant, architectural acoustics consultant, acoustical consultant, noise consultant, noise control engineer, and sound and vibration engineer.

Noise and Vibration Control Engineering

- Engineering Evaluation and Analysis
- Noise modeling for new facility equipment and machinery
- Analysis and control of noisy machines and equipment
- Vibration Control of rotating equipment
- Vibration Isolation of vibration sensitive equipments
- Foundation Design for Vibration Sensitive Instruments
- Noise & Vibration Engineering Design, Analysis & Control
- Cost Benefit & Risk Analysis of Engineering Controls
- Sound Control of offices and facilities
- Vibration Isolation Analysis and Design
- Sound Quality

The most common titles are noise consultant, noise control engineer, vibration consultant, vibration control engineer, vibration control consultant, sound control engineer, sound control consultant, sound and vibration engineer, and vibration control engineer.

Sound and Vibration Measurement and Testing

- Sound Intensity Measurements
- Sound Power Measurements
- Plant Noise Surveys
- Noise Contours and Mapping
- Occupational Noise Exposure Measurements
- Community Noise Surveys
- Room NC & RC Measurements
- HVAC RC Measurements
- ASTM Pipe Lagging Standards Testing
- In-Situ STC and FSTC Field Transmission Loss Testing
- FIIC Impact Testing of Floor Ceiling Assemblies
- Precision Reverberation Time Measurement
- In-Situ Absorption Measurement
- Pipe Lagging Transmission Loss Measurement
- ANSI, ISO, & ASTM Standards Testing
- Rotating Equipment Measurements
- Structureborne Noise and Vibrations
- Ground Vibrations
- MRI & CT Scanner Site Measurements
- Transmissibility Testing
- Validation of Vibration Isolation of Equipment
- Modal Analysis for Noise & Vibration Control
- Sound Quality Measurements

The most common titles are sound consultant, acoustics or acoustical consultant, sound engineer, vibration consultant, vibration engineer, sound and vibration consultant, and sound and vibration engineer.

Community Noise and Environmental Impact

- Environmental Noise Control
- Source-Path-Receiver Analysis
- Noise Source Analysis and Control
- Noise Source Identification and Measurement
- Modeling of source-path-receiver relationships
- Environmental Acoustics
- Noise Impact Studies for New Facilities
- Industrial Site Analysis
- Trucking Terminal Noise Analysis
- Zoning Compliance Measurements
- Development of Municipal and City Noise Ordinances
- Transportation Noise Measurements and Impact Studies
- Airport Noise Measurements and Impact Studies
- Cost-Benefit Analysis of Community Noise Controls
- Residential and Commercial Development
- Noise Barrier Design
- Land Use Planning for Noise & Vibration
- Noise Ordinance Development and Compliance Measurements
- Expert Witness for Noise Zoning Issues
- Noise impact studies for residential development
- Building envelope acoustical design
- Environmental Permitting

The most common titles are environmental noise control engineer, environmental sound control engineer, community noise consultant, environmental acoustics or acoustical engineer, environmental noise control consultant, acoustics or acoustical consultant, and community noise engineer.

Industrial Plants and Commercial Facility Noise and Vibrations

- Industrial & Commercial Facilities Analysis, Design, & Control
- Noise Source Identification, Isolation, Analysis & Control
- Occupational Noise Measurements
- Industrial Hearing Compensation Noise Analysis
- OSHA & MSHA Noise Exposure Measure
- Source Mitigation
- Cost Benefit Analysis
- Noise Enclosure Design
- Personnel Sound Booths and Control Room

The most common titles are noise engineer, noise consultant, sound control consultant, sound control engineer, and noise control engineer.

HVAC and Mechanical Systems Noise and Vibration

- Theater & Auditorium HVAC Design
- Buildings HVAC Noise and Vibration Control
- Rooftop Equipment Vibration Control and Foundation design
- Cooling Towers
- Chillers
- Mechanical Room
- Fans
- HVAC Systems Analysis & Design for Noise & Vibration Control

The most common titles are noise engineer, noise consultant, noise control engineer, sound control engineer, sound control consultant, and sound control engineer.

MRI and CT Scanner Site Vibration Evaluation and Control

- Site vibration measurements for compliance with vendor guidelines
- Vibration Source Identification and Control for Image Quality
- Foundation design for MRI and CT Scanner Vibration Control
- MRI Noise Measurements
- Design of MRI Suites for Noise Control
- Modal testing of MRI site foundations
- MRI site analysis for compliance with vendor vibration guidelines
- MRI Site Vibration Analysis & Testing
- CT Scanner Site Vibration Analysis & Testing
- MRI offending vibration source identification and control
- MRI & CT Scanner Site Evaluation
- Surgical Microscope site evaluation and foundation design

The most common titles are vibration consultant, vibration control engineer, vibration control consultant, and vibration engineer.

Product Research and Development

- Quiet Product Development, Design, and Testing
- Product Noise and Vibration Control
- Sound Quality Analysis & Design
- Product Noise Analysis

Training and Education in Acoustics, Vibrations, and Noise Control

- Acoustics, Vibrations, & Noise Control Seminars and Short Courses
- Mechanical Vibration Short Courses
- Vibration Control Short Courses
- Industrial Noise Control Short Courses
- Sound Intensity Measurements Short Courses
- Quiet Product Development Seminars
- Measurement & Instrumentation Seminars
- Sound Quality

Expert Witness and Forensic Engineering

- Hearing Compensation Cases
- Community Noise Problems
- Product Liability and Defects
- Land Use and Zoning
- Noise Ordinance Compliance
- Gunshot Murder Cases
- Building Noise & Vibration Problems
- Condominium & Townhouse Noise & Vibration Problems
- HVAC Noise and Vibrations
- Forensic Engineering Analysis

Hearing Loss and Conservation

- Occupational Noise Risk Assessment, Measurement, and Exposure Control
- Industrial Hearing Loss Compensation Cases
- OSHA & MSHA Noise Exposure Analysis & Mitigation
- Noise contours & mapping of plants and facilities

Common Global Titles

Acoustical Consultant
Acoustical Consulting
Acoustical Engineer
Consultant in Acoustics
Consultant in Noise
Consultant in Noise and Vibration
Consultant in Sound and Vibration
Consultant in Noise Control
Consultant in Vibration Control
Consulting Engineer in Acoustics and Vibrations
Consulting Engineer in Noise and Vibration
Consulting Engineer in Sound and Vibration
Consulting Engineer in Noise Control
Consulting Engineer in Vibration Control
Environmental Noise Control Engineer
Environmental Noise Consultant
Environmental Sound Control Engineer
Noise Control Engineer
Noise Control Consultant
Noise Consultant
Vibration Control Engineer
Noise and Vibration Control Engineer
Sound Control Engineer
Sound Control Consultant
Sound Control Consulting
Sound Consultant
Sound Consulting
Sound Engineer
Noise Reduction Engineer
Noise Reduction Consultant
Noise Mitigation Engineer
Noise Mitigation Consultant

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations, Consulting Engineers in Acoustics Vibrations and Noise Control, works throughout North America. The professional practice of Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations provides consulting acoustical engineering adn vibration engineering services throughout North America. Many of our most regular clients are located in the large geographical area surrounding Pittsburgh PA. These include the cities of Cleveland OH, Erie PA, Altoona PA, State College PA, Wheeling WV, Akron OH, Columbus OH, Dayton OH, Parkersburg WV, Charleston WV, Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Beckley WV, Cumberland MD, Winchester VA, Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, Allentown PA, Harrisburg PA, Hazelton PA, Weirton WV, Clarksburg WV, Greenburg PA, Uniontown PA, Johnstown PA, Youngstown OH, Lima OH, Toledo OH, Wilkes-Barre PA, Williamsport PA, Hagerstown MD, Somerset PA, Lancaster PA, Huntington WV, Mansfield OH, Bellville PA, Jamestown NY, Bradford PA, Olean NY, Bedford PA, Dubois PA, Corning NY, Frederick MD, Martinsburg WV, Moundsville WV, Canton OH, Norfolk VA, Richmond VA, Gettysburg PA, and Bridgeport OH. The consulting engineering practice of Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations provides services int he related fields of acoustical engineering, noise control engineering, vibration control engineering, architectural acoustics engineering, building noise and vibration control, community noise engineering, environmental impact consulting, industrial & commercial facility noise & vibration control, MRI and CT site vibration measurements and control, HVAC and mechanical system noise & vibration control, comprehensive sound and vibration measurement and testing, expert witness and forensic engineering, quiet product research and development. Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations offers these consulting engineering services to clients throughout North America. We have completed more than 1500 acoustics, vibrations, and noise control projects over the last four decades. We provide consulting acoustical engineering and vibration engineering services to cities throughout North America that include Portland ME, Sidney NS, Boston MA, Montpelier VT, Quebec City QC, Toronto ON, Providence RI, Albany NY, New York NY, New York City NY including the five boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island, Long Island NY,, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Michigan City IN, Columbus OH, Charleston WV, Richmond VA, Montgomery AL, Raleigh NC, Norfolk VA, Columbia SC, Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL, Detroit MI, Milwaukee WI, Chicago IL, Nashville TN, Memphis TN, Kansas City MO, Saint Louis MO, Jacksonville FL, Miami FL, Orlando FL, Little Rock AK, Chattanooga TN, Jackson MS, New Orleans LA, Des Moines IW, Houston TX, San Antonio TX, Dallas TX, Fort Worth TX, Oklahoma City OK, Tulsa OK, Salt Lake City UT, Ogden UT, Boise ID, Las Vegas NV, Reno NV, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Calgary AB, Prince Rupert BC, Montreal CN, Waterbury CT, Watertown NY, Rochester NY, Mississauga ON, Newark NJ, Manhattan NY, Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, South Bend IN, Cartersville GA, Snellville GA, Augusta GA, Hopewell VA, Painted Post NY, Cookeville TN, Lancaster PA, Atlantic City NJ, Dover DE, Petersburg VA, Charlottesville VA, Danville PA, Lynchburg VA, South Boston VA, Greensboro NC, Salisbury NC, Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Beckley WV, Asheville NC, China Grove NC, Greenville NC, Lexington NC, Knoxville TN, Roswell GA, Evansville IN, Madisonville KY, Winston Salem NC, Jasper AL. Corinth MS, Maumelle AR, Lake Charles LA, Beaumont TX, Lulling LA, Mobile AL, Baytown TX, Waco TX, Wichita Falls TX, Davenport IA, Peoria IL, Gaylord MI, Traverse City MI, Waukesha WI, Montpelier IA, Suitland MD, Everett WA, Tacoma WA, Edmonton CN, Vancouver CN, Crystal River FL, Elmira NY, Corning NY, Binghamton NY, Utica NY, Harford CT, Brooklyn NY, Long Island NY, West Hampton NY, Hermitage TN, Greensboro NC, Solon OH, Axis AL, El Dorado AR, Rochester NY, Burns Harbor IN, Lewisburg TN, Kingsport TN, Galax VA, Perth Amboy NJ, Cincinnati OH, White Bluff TN, Charleston SC, Regina SK, Gainesville FL, Sunbury PA, Clarks Summit PA, Massillon OH, Noblesville IN, Coshocton OH, Shaker Heights OH, Newport News VA, Monroe NY, Somers Point NJ, Deer Park NY, Woodbury NJ, Logan WV, Salisbury MD, Greene NY, St. Paul MN, Madison WI, Ludlow VT, Neenah WI, Berkeley NC, LaGrange GA, Hendersonville NC, Worthington OH, Norman OK, Moundsville WV, Robinson IL, San Angelo TX, Lewisburg TN, Benwood WV, Jersey City NY, Maineville OH, Bridgeport AL, Burlington VT, Concord NH, Trenton NJ, Baltimore MD, Buffalo NY, Syracuse NY, Durham NC, Fayetteville NC, Savannah GA, Coral Springs FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Tampa FL, Tallahassee FL, Baton Rouge LA, Columbus GA, Huntsville AL, Athens GA, Lexington KY, Louisville KY, Dayton OH, Akron OH, Indianapolis IN, Fort Wayne IN, Ann Arbor MI, , Gary IN, Rockford IL, Cedar Rapids IA, Livonia MI, Flint MI, Grand Rapids MI, Green Bay WI, Winnipeg CN, Bismarck ND, Sioux Falls SD, Omaha NE, Topeka KS, Wichita KS, Cheyenne WY, Fort Collins CO, Denver CO, Colorado Springs CO, Santa Fe NM, Amarillo TX, Lubbock TX, Abilene TX, Springfield MO, Shreveport LA, Port Arthur TX, Orange TX, Austin TX, Corpus Christi TX, Brownsville TX, Albuquerque NM, Tucson AZ, Phoenix AZ, San Diego CA, Flagstaff AZ, Provo UT, Billings MT, Boise ID, Ogden UT, Helena MT, Spokane WA, Olympia WA, Eugene OR, Lake Tahoe NV, Carson City NV, Sacramento CA, San Francisco CA, San Jose CA, Bakersfield CA, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Beaverton OR, Pocatello ID, Casper WY, Great Falls MT, Pueblo CO, Midland TX, Odessa TX, Fort Smith AR, Saint Joseph MO, Lincoln NE, Minneapolis MN, Fargo ND, Thunder Bay CN, Appleton WI, Dubuque IA, Tuscaloosa AL, Greenville SC, Johnson TN, Saginaw MI, Ottawa CN, Schenectady NY, Stamford CT, and other smaller cities and towns throughout North America. Look for us in any and all of these cities and towns in North America where we provide noise & vibration control and acoustical engineering services.


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