Noise and Vibration Control Engineering

Noise and Vibration Control Engineers and Acoustical Engineers

Professional Noise and Vibration Control Engineering and Acoustical Consulting Services:

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations of Pittsburgh PA provides highly focused noise and vibration control engineering and acoustical engineering & consulting services that raise the bar on this engineering field to achieve practical solutions using advanced scientific principals combined with logic and common sense. State-of-the-art noise and vibration control engineering concepts are used to find known and creative solutions to suppress noise and vibration in a cost efficient and effective manner. Their exceptional credentials are combined with more than thirty-eight years of experience in successfully solving problems on more than 1000 projects.

Problems are first qualitatively and quantitatively defined and then precise noise or vibration mitigation goals are established. Sources are identified and linked to the airborne and structureborne paths that impact on the receiver. An analysis is made to develop an engineering approach to control the noise or vibrations using the best combination of solutions for the situation.

The correct analysis and definition of the problem is the key to successfully solving a noise or vibration problems. This is frequently a difficult task with the most cost implications. Typically, a disproportionate amount of time is spent on this phase. The strength of each source must be quantified and the transmission paths must be isolated. This key step rank orders the contribution of each source to the receiver location which will ultimately lead to cost effective solution.

Sound intensity & power measurements are used to identify and rank order noise sources. Complex situations are reduced to simple source-path-receiver relationships. This avoids the pitfalls of sound level characterizations that can be misleading and incorrect. Sound power data and noise controls with their costs are inputted into a computer model. “What if” computations are performed to find a feasible and cost effective solution. A cost-benefit curve is developed for management to select a solution that meets their budget objectives.

Noise and Vibration Control Services Offered:

Noise, sound and vibration control engineering services include:

- Engineering Evaluation and Analysis
- Noise modeling for new equipment and machinery
- Analysis and control of noisy machines and equipment
- Vibration Control of rotating equipment
- Vibration Isolation of vibration sensitive equipments
- Foundation Design for Vibration Sensitive Instruments
- Noise & Vibration Engineering Design, Analysis & Control
- Cost Benefit & Risk Analysis of Engineering Controls
- Sound Control of offices and facilities
- Noise modeling of new facilities
- Vibration Isolation for vibration sensitive equipment
- Foundation Design for Vibration control of machines
- Noise and Vibration control Engineering Design and Analysis
- Cost Benefit and Risk Analysis of Engineering Controls

Noise and Vibration Control Projects Completed:

Over 1000 projects have been successfully completed by Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations that include noise, sound, and vibration control problems related to:

- Industrial plants
- Paper lines
- Aircraft jet engines
- Refinery equipment
- Haul trucks
- Emergency & standby generators
- Centrifugal and axial vane fans
- Engines
- Refineries
- Coal prep plants
- Mine exhaust fans
- Asphalt plants
- Concrete plants
- Submarine components
- Ships and pleasure yachts
- River dredges
- Compressor stations
- Machine shops
- Police & military gun ranges
- Scarifiers
- Fossil fuel power plants
- Nuclear power plants
- Trucking terminals
- Chemical plants
- Printing plants
- Sawmills and chipping machines
- Cargo handling
- Ski resort compressors
- Steel plants
- Scrap yards
- Mining operations
- Forklift trucks
- Tunneling machines
- Long wall mining equipment
- Trucking terminals
- Gantry cranes
- Elevator equipment
- Bag houses
- Air knifes
- Packaging machines
- Mail sorting machines
- Landfill operations
- Nightclubs
- Electric arc furnaces
- Hydroelectric plants
- Gas propane facilities
- Asphalt and paving plants
- Shake out equipment
- Go cart tracks
- Pipe mills
- Kilns
- Wood chippers
- Refrigeration equipment for ice rinks
- Amusement parks
- Coal prep plants
- Nuclear waste site
- Bin sorter
- RTO’s
- Air knife
- Mine fan

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations, Consulting Engineers in Acoustics Vibrations and Noise Control, works throughout North America as noise and vibration control engineers and acoustical engineers & consultants. The firm is especially prominent in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (PA), Philadelphia Pennsylvania (PA), Cleveland Ohio (OH), Columbus Ohio (OH), Baltimore Maryland (MD), Roanoke Virginia (VA), Richmond Virginia (VA), Norfolk Virginia (VA), Buffalo New York (NY), Morgantown West Virginia (WV), Beckley West Virginia (WV) and Charleston West Virginia (WV).

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