Training And Education

Acoustics, Sound, Noise Control, and Mechanical Vibrations

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations has 38 year of teaching experience in professional development courses, short courses, lectures, and training seminars. Noise & vibration related topics include acoustics, vibrations, noise control, community noise, modal analysis, noise vibration instrumentation, noise vibration measurements, digital signal processing for acoustics vibrations, and sound intensity measurements. All courses have a full set of bound notes that contain all material contained in the course. Lectures are complemented with demonstrations and hands on workshops.

Dr. Thornton does most of his current teaching with the prestigious and ever popular AVNC Continuing Education courses. These short courses have lectures with hands-on workshops and a full set of bound notes. See for details.

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations, Consulting Engineers in Acoustics Vibrations and Noise Control, works throughout North America as noise and vibration control engineers, acoustical consultants, and architectural acoustics consultants. The firm is especially prominent in Pennsylvania (PA), Ohio (OH), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), New York (NY), and West Virginia (WV). The firm’s knowledge and experience is actively integrated into the short courses and lectures to enhance theory and applications that are taught at practical level.










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