Community Noise & Environmental Noise Control

Community Noise Control Engineers and Expert Environmental Noise Consultants

Professional Community Noise Engineering Services:

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations of Pittsburgh PA provides expert community noise and environmental noise impact engineering consulting services to make industrial and commercial facilities compatible with the surrounding community. These community noise experts measure, analyze, and make recommendations to noise control community sources to achieve acceptable levels. Noise control design and planning for industrial plants and commercial buildings are successfully used to integrate these facilities into the community.

The impact of a facility is quantified by conducting a site noise survey to determine how its noise will compare with the noise norms of the community. If a noise ordinance does not exist, expert advice will be given to the client for acceptable noise levels based on the norms of the community. Dr. William (Bill) R. Thornton who is a community noise expert can work with the owner and community to agree on objectives if needed. Good planning and engineering controls are used to avoid noise problems.

A progressive community will adopt modern noise ordinance to avoid issues. A well written ordinance will use zoning and time of day to establish noise limits. Maximum noise level limits will control and help reduce noise in addition to avoiding new problems. Dr. William (Bill) R. Thornton is a highly qualified community noise expert consultant who has written modern comprehensive noise ordinances that are practical & pragmatic and are tailored to the needs of a community or city.

Responsible companies will embrace a well written noise ordinance since it establishes noise boundaries and avoids confrontations between residents and business while leaving the municipal authorities in the middle.

Community Noise and Environmental Noise Impact Services Offered:

The wide variety of expert community and environmental noise services include:

- Source-Path-Receiver Analysis
- Noise Source Analysis and Control
- Noise Source Identification and Measurement
- Modeling of source-path-receiver relationships
- Environmental Acoustics
- Noise Impact Studies for New Facilities
- Industrial Site Analysis
- Trucking Terminal Noise Analysis
- Zoning Compliance Measurements
- Development of Municipal and City Noise Ordinances
- Transportation Noise Measurements and Impact Studies
- Airport Noise Measurements and Impact Studies
- Cost-Benefit Analysis of Community Noise Controls
- Residential and Commercial Development
- Noise Barrier Design
- Land Use Planning for Noise & Vibration
- Noise Ordinance Development and Compliance Measurements
- Expert Witness for Noise Zoning Issues
- Noise impact studies for residential development
- Building envelope acoustical design
- Environmental Permitting

Community Noise Projects Completed:

Over 1000 projects have been successfully completed by Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations that includes community noise and environmental noise impact related to:

- industrial plants
- emergency & standby generators
- centrifugal and axial vane fans
- housing developments
- manufacturing plants
- airports
- shopping centers
- entertainment facilities
- commercial developments
- large hospitals
- mine exhaust fans
- asphalt plants
- concrete plants
- river dredges
- compressor stations
- police & military gun ranges
- trucking terminals
- chemical plants
- sawmills and chipping machines
- ski resort compressors
- steel plants
- scrap yards
- mining operations
- trucking terminals
- bag houses
- landfill operations
- nightclubs
- electric arc furnaces
- asphalt and paving plants
- go cart tracks
- pipe mills
- wood chippers
- refrigeration equipment for ice rinks
- amusement parks
- RTO’s
- mine fan
- petrochemical facilities
- barge operations
- refineries
- sand and gravel plants
- coal mining
- landfills
- construction
- drag strips
- transportation noise
- airports
- medical helicopters
- metal fabrication
- electric arc facilities
- bag houses
- fossil fuel plants
- co-gen facilities.

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations, Consulting Engineers in Acoustics Vibrations and Noise Control, works throughout North America as community noise engineers and expert community noise consultants. The firm is especially prominent in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (PA), Cleveland Ohio (OH), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), New York (NY), and West Virginia (WV).

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