Quiet Product and Sound Quality Research, Development & Design

Sound Quality Acoustical Consultants and Noise Control Engineers

Professional Quiet Product and Sound Quality Design Engineering Services:

Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations of Pittsburgh PA provides sound quality and noise and vibration control engineering and acoustical consulting services to find practical solutions that quiet products and improve sound quality using advanced scientific principals combined with logic and common sense. State-of-the-art concepts are used to find known and creative solutions to quiet products and improve sound quality in a cost efficient and effective manner.

Sources of annoyance on existing products are identified and linked to the airborne and structureborne paths that impact on the end user. The correct analysis and definition of the problem is crucial to successfully quieting the product down to acceptable levels. Each source and its path must be quantified and the transmission paths must be isolated. This key step will ultimately lead to cost effective solution. At this point both standard and creative modifications are used to quiet the product or improve sound quality.

Sound intensity & power measurements are often used on existing products to identify and rank order them.

When entirely new products or a new generation of product are being developed, Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations will work with the client to review the potential sources of noise or detrimental sound quality attributes to provide guidance to the client to quieting the product or having excellent sound quality.

Quiet Product R&D and Sound Quality Engineering Services Offered:

Sound quality consulting and noise & vibration control engineering services include:

- Engineering Evaluation and Analysis
- Noise modeling for new products
- Analysis and control of noisy products
- Vibration control of products
- Vibration Isolation systems for vibration sensitive equipments
- Noise & Vibration Engineering Design, Analysis & Control
- Sound quality analysis and design

Projects Completed:

Over 1000 projects have been successfully completed by Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations that includes sound quality and noise & vibration control of products and machinery. Client confidentiality precludes listing names or products.

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